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Cartoon Shows What Bernie Sanders’ Promises Amount To

Bernie Sanders has been campaigning all over the country promising everyone he encounters a ton of free stuff.

The hilarious cartoon below illustrates EXACTLY what Bernie Sander’s promises of free stuff add up to:


Bernie’s promises add up to nothing more than a hill of worthless “magic beans.”

Sad, and pathetic.

Bernie Sanders Just Got Exposed as a Total Fraud

2020 candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders travels around the country railing about greed but the real greedy one is Bernie himself.

Turns out he made over a million dollars last year but only gave away to charity a little more than $10,000.

Will Bernie be the Democrat’s 2020 nominee?

So not only is he one of the greedy millionaires he rails against but he is greedily keeping 99% of the money for himself.


As you might expect Bernie got shredded on Twitter once this was exposed:

It sure looks like Bernie is your typical socialist after all. Crumbs for you and me and luxurious living for the elite.

If Democrats and socialists didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all.

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